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Coolest Homemade World of Warcraft Costume

Last year for Halloween my boyfriend wanted to go as his own character for the computer game World of Warcraft. However he decided this on the 27th of October not leaving me a lot of time to put a Homemade World of Warcraft Costume together.

We found cheap fabrics, fake fur and really cheap trims and embellishments. I made the shoulders from foam and shaped and carved it to fit over his shoulders. The horns were from a cheap viking hat that I broke apart and glued them to the foam. I covered it all in fabric, painted it and then used Velcro to attach the shoulders to the costume.

The blue tabard represents the first guild he was ever in, and features a fist holding a lighting bolt which I cut out of felt. He wore a green shirt underneath that I bought for $1 but I had to paint the gray stripes on the sleeves gold to match the other colors.

The gloves and pants we had lying around so I just glued fur, fabric, and trimmed to them. Because we saved money there we went out and bought a few accessories from the Halloween store like the necklace, the teeth and a small axe (that can’t be seen in this photo). The Rhok’Delar was the best bow in the game at the time of this armor, so we used a saw handle and spay painted it brown, used string and a small vine to make it look how the weapon looks in the game.

The hair we bought hair pieces which I braided and sealed off at the bottom with fabric, and the top end I attached to the helmet, part of the viking helmet from before, so it could easily come off for eating etc. The armor set we were attempting to reproduce was “Beast Stalker” where the helmet is meant to resemble a bear, so we bought a bear Halloween mask and cut it in half and attached it to the viking helmet as well.

Every bit of this costume got some trim and decorations, but I did NOT SEW ANYTHING for this costume, it was all gluing and thinking outside the box!

He really got into this costume, he shaved his beard and painted his face completely green, too bad no one knew who he was.

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