Coolest Sky Costume

I’ve been a skydiver for about five years and have 130 jumps as of today. Always trying to come up with unique, homemade costumes, I decided to be every skydiver’s favorite thing: The Sky!

I searched the internet for “sky costume” and nothing came up! I was on my own.
I knew right away that this costume would require me to become blue and white.

I went to the Halloween store and talked with the person working the body paint stand. She suggested this easy-to-use body paint. You have to dip a special sponge into water first, then the cream paint and you just spread it on. She even demonstrated how to apply the paint by painting her hand.

Next, it was on to the fabric store to find some matching blue fabric to make my costume decent for public view! I found some stretchy blue fabric, which didn’t actually match perfectly, to sew the little skirt part of my costume.

Finally, I had to find large amounts of cotton to become the clouds of my costume. I went to a regular super store and found that the fish tank filter cotton was perfect! It was big and stretchable and much easier than regular cotton balls.

When the big day arrived, I gathered up all of my materials and headed to Skydive Chicago’s annual Halloween party. I had help covering my body with the blue paint. Since the skirt that I made didn’t match the paint exactly, I covered the skirt in the paint as well. I made the top out of an old bra and hit the band with the cotton. I loosely sewed the cotton onto my top and bottom, and used Elmer’s glue to stick the cotton to my body.

The finishing touch came when I pasted pictures of skydivers from a magazine onto my body as well. (Yes, directly on to my body, a little painful to take off, but not too bad!) The costume quickly became named “Blue Skies” by the party’s attendees because that is a phrase commonly used by skydivers.

You could probably make a sky costume easily if you found a one-piece blue pajama jumper or something similar. It would be warmer, too, for outside parties or little trick-or-treaters.

And… I got a free jump for this costume!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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