This was a cool ‘sky’ theme that matched the end of our Polish family name.

The hot air balloon was made from extra colored flag fabric sewed together.  Then, hoola hoops were inserted and it was attached to an extra laundry basket with four wooden dowels.   It was decorated with some old tan pillow cases and twine for the sand bags.  My oldest son was the balloon driver using a festive sweater, scarf and hat.

My 2nd son was the sun.  I used 2 yard of gold and orange felt – cutting them into circles and triangle pieces.  The youngest was a cloud, also made out of felt pieces.  I was a rainbow made out of multi-colored felt glued onto a red dress.  I  painted boots to match the dress.  My husband was the lightening.

We won the grand prize at our local Orchard and everyone OOHHED and AHHED!