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Coolest Shrek and Fiona Costumes

My husband and I were invited to a Halloween camping experience and needed costumes quickly, but due to a contest, needed them very creative as well. My husband did not grow up wearing costumes much and I love crafty things.  We both are larger sized, so I wanted something that wouldn’t look horrible on me, especially and could still have fun.

Creating the Shrek and Fiona costumes was absolutely a fantastic experience.  Goodwill or other thrift shops are where the fun begins. First,  I found the clothes and boots that mostly matched the true characters and bought them for little to nothing.  Next, I added things I may have had around the house to make the clothes complete.  I even found the wig in a package at Goodwill. Add a little costume green make-up  and green hair spray paint for the legs….wala…you have the green skin.  I bought cheap green shower hats at Meijer grocery store.  I cut the ends of soda bottles and painted them green for the ears/horns. I used stick on Velcro to attach the horns to the shower caps. We used twine to tie up the pant legs for Shrek and it made it look like an older costume that way as well. Cheap green gloves at the Dollar store made the green hands.

We got a huge amount of popular looks and bravos as we walked through the campground.  We even had  children begging for pictures with Shrek and Fiona and pointing at us yelling to their parents, “LOOK IT’S SHREK AND FIONA!!!!”  Overall it was a memorable experience and we cannot wait for the next time we can come up more costume ideas.

Shrek and Fiona Costumes

Shrek and Fiona Costumes

Shrek and Fiona Costumes

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