I will start off by saying that we are from the Province of Manitoba, in Canada.  And we Manitobans have a very unique tradition called a “Social”.  A social is a particularly Manitoba-grown concept. It’s a fundraising party, often for a wedding, charitable or community organization. Usually held at a community center, it can be known as a “Manitoba Social”, “Winnipeg Social”, “Wedding Social”, “Fundraising Social”, or just simply a “Social”.  A wedding social gives people a way to include friends and relatives in the wedding when you could not invite them, and allows friends and family to support the couple financially for their new life together.

With that definition out of the way… my fiance and are planning a January wedding in Mexico and our amazing bridal party threw us a Halloween themed wedding social on October 27, 2012.   We have been planning this social for nearly a year and it took a lot of discussion to decide what we and our bridal party should dress up as.  We wanted a theme that we can all be a part of. We decided that my fiance and I would be Shrek and Fiona and our bridal party can each pick a character from any one of the Shrek movies, giving them a whole lot to choose from. We ended up with our maid of honor as Puss in Boots, our best man as Donkey, and the rest including: Doris the Ugly Step Sister (which was my brother), Gingerbread Man, Captain Hook, Cinderella, a Witch, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood.



What we bought and where:

  • Plaid pajama pants, a dark beige long sleeve shirt, and a brown braided belt at a second hand store.
  • A pair of Ogre ears off Ebay
  • a bald cap at the “Party Stuff” store
  • A meter of dark brown burlap at the fabric store
  • A pair of dark brown shoe laces at the dollar store

To get the look:

We cut the neck off the shirt and cut the edges of the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt to give it a roughed edge/frayed look.  My mom helped us out and made a vest and shoe covers out of the burlap. We cut the shoe lace and used it as a tie for the vest and ties around the ankles of the boots. The ogre ears were hot glued to the cap and lasted all night.


What we bought and where:

  • My friend, and bridal party member, found a dark green grad gown that had to be from the mid 90’s at a yard sale for $5.  It had a patterned bodice with a green sheer skirt, it had very skinny spaghetti straps that criss-crossed into a tie back on the back of the dress and came with a long sheer matching shawl with the same pattern as the bodice on the ends of the shawl.
  • A lot of tacky gold trim that had to be from the 70’s, that my mom had amongst all her material and accessories in her sewing room.
  • Pair of green flat shoes from the second hand store
  • A Fiona wig with ears purchased online

To get the look:

My mom cut the shawl in half and used it to make sleeves for the dress, she  removed the criss-cross straps and made it into a regular tie back dress with a green insert (out of spare material that she had that was a close match) so the skin on my lower back was not showing.  She then doubled the gold trim and added it to the neck waste and bottom of the sleeves.


We bought cans of fluorescent green hairspray from “Party Stuff” and spray painted our face, hands and my chest and back with this spray.  I then used a matching green eye shadow to touch up and fill in areas around the eyes and on the sides of the nose that the spray did not get to.  After my face was painted green, I then added some girl make up to my eyes, made my cheeks rosier and wore lip stick.


The costumes were a hit, everyone kept saying how the color of our skin was dead on and we looked just like the real Shrek and Fiona and how amazing we looked.  I was asked numerous times where I got my costume and if I rented the dress.  People were surprised when we said we made them and the only thing officially “Shrek and Fiona” were the ears and wig.  We truly enjoyed our night as Shrek and Fiona and had so much fun making and wearing these costumes!!