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Coolest Sharktopus Halloween Costume

I thought it was high time for a unique and totally different Halloween costume. So, this year I created my Sharktopus costume – half shark, half octopus! It was a big hit!

I once saw a movie on Sci-Fi titled Sharktopus. Sci Fi geeks out there might remember it! Anyway, it inspired my Sharktopus Halloween Costume.

I decided to start off making a half body shark costume. It’s made of fleece and carefully designed to replicate the look of a great white shark. The back fin is 3-d. The arms are made into fins which adds to the coolness of it!

The head is a separate piece. It’s made with rows of white, felt teeth. Carefully designed to match the razor sharp teeth of the great white. The eyes are made of an applique that is a couple of layers deep. This adds to the realism. I did some sculpting around the eye, it gave it some great depth!!

From there, it was time to create the “topus” side of the costume. For this, I drew out some different shapes for the tentacles. I finally decided on these, diamond shaped. I cut them out, different colors for different sides. I’m all about giving my costume pieces definition. I made pink suction cups for each tentacle and appliqued them onto the tentacles.

I think it turned out just fabulous!! I hope you do too. There’s nothing like a mutant creature for Halloween!

Coolest Sharktopus Halloween Costume

Coolest Sharktopus Halloween Costume

Coolest Sharktopus Halloween Costume

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  1. Hey, I actually watched this movie also and LOVED your costume. I do not have the time or the skill to create this costume but me and my friend both want it, any chance we could order some from you? Would you mind making two? You would truly make our Halloween extra special this year.


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