Coolest Satine Costume

This Satine Costume was actually for a movie character theme party my roommates and I held. Once I figured out I wanted to be Satine as well as which costume of hers I was going for, I had to figure out how feasible it was.

It turned out to be a lot more complicated than I planned for, but it was way worth it — everyone at the party loved it and was thoroughly impressed.

Black gloves, fishnet stockings, black heels, and black top hat. Gloves were purchased (around $12). I owned the heels and the fishnets, and the top hat was borrowed.

I bought the silver glittery material for about $2/yd. I bought black fringe and white fringe since I wasn’t able to find silver fringe. I happened to find a black lacy tank top that was see-through from the ribs down.

I hand-sewed the silver material to the inside of the shirt so I’d have a black glitter look. (I would’ve used a sewing machine, but the only one I had access to was too old to sew the stretchy material properly.)

I made sure to cut the material with a long tail-coat look in the back and just a touch longer than the tank top in front. From there, the fringe was sewed on in layers, alternating between black and white. (You can kind of see the tail in the photo.)

To add the the glitzy look, I hot-glued jewels (which you can get plenty of for about $1 at any local craft store) onto the straps of the tank top and tied some of the extra silver material around the top hat.

The only other thing to complete the outfit was a pair of black satin underwear that covered enough and silver glittery earrings.

Total approximate cost = $25

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