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Coolest Rodeo Clown Costume

We waited untill the last minute to come up with my son’s costume last year and since he already had western clothes we decided to make him a rodeo clown costume. The only thing we really had to make was the barrel.

All I did was take brown fabric and make a sleeve and put wire in the top and bottom and formed it in a circle shape. Then to keep it on him I brought some striped ribbon type stuff and made straps that look like suspenders.

We tied on a few bandannas and painted his face and we where done. Very easy to make!

Here’s another writeup submitted by grandmother Luann in 2010:

My grandson at 3 1/2 years old had been to his first rodeo and really enjoyed it. Resulting in a rodeo clown costume for Halloween that year, but not just your regular rodeo clown, but complete with his own barrel. We got the easiest stuff done first. Cut off a pair of blue jeans, found a bright striped pair of pajama pants and a western shirt.

The barrel was made by making a sleeve with elastic at the top and bottom, casings sewed in the middle with wire run through it to make it stand out, and brown paint brushed on for the wood effect.

We used rainbow elastic over the shoulders to hold it up, and tied bandannas here and there for accents. Add a pair of cowboy boots, cowboy hat and clown face paint and all you need is a bull to charge and make it seem like a real life rodeo.

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  1. I’m so happy to find this idea for the barrel. The metal rings and fabric are a great idea! I looked all through the internet and this was the only good idea for this! Thanks so much!


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