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Fun Homemade Robot Halloween Costume

My son wanted a robot Halloween costume. I threw several different ideas up in the air but couldn’t get any ideas set in stone. One day I just started putting things together and before I knew it I had put together an award winning costume. He had a costume contest that same evening for his school and he was the winner out of the 1st grade boys!

I started out with two boxes. A big one for the body and a small one for the head. I cut out the bottoms of each box. On the body box, I cut out the arm holes and a hole for his head to fit through. Then I cut out the eyes and mouth holes on the head box. After all the holes were cut out I hot glued the two together. I used a metallic silver spray paint to give the boxes a metal appearance.

After they dried, I glued sink strainers over the eye and mouth holes so he could see and breathe!!
I taped the dryer vent hoses to the inside of the body box for the arms so all he had to do was put the boxes over his head and slide his arms through.

I made the shoes out of two shoe boxes with the tops cut off. I made a big enough hole for his foot to fit through and taped the dryer vent hose to the inside of it as well. With the hose pushed all the way down he could slide his foot in then I pulled it up over his thigh. I then used duct tape to tape the hoses to his legs so they’d stay up! I used plastic nuts and bolts for decoration and some foam puzzle pieces to look like gears.

We had so much fun putting this together. He got so much attention at his costume party. People swarmed us when we walked in the door. He was the talk of Halloween!

Total spent: $25
Time: 3 hours (well worth the time!)

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4 thoughts on “Fun Homemade Robot Halloween Costume”

  1. Way to go robot man! You are fantastic and your costume is awesome. Hope you had fun trick or treating…..Eat all the candy you want! If not Boc Boc will let you.
    All my love,
    Boc Boc

  2. How did you do that I am so confused it looks so good my daughter has a project due on Monday she is really bad at getting things done and I can’t get a hold of her friends that are in her group…


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