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Cute Homemade Robot Costume

So, we have a COOL ROBOT to make, lets get the materials….

We got/bought :

* Box for the head – buy or ask local stores for free!
* Box for the body – free
* Two boxes for the feet (tissue box size) – free
* Dryer vents
* Silver spray paint
* Grey thick tights or leggings
* Two door stoppers/springs (for the ears)
* Paper glue, double sided sticky tape, type you hang mirrors
* Pictures of digital displays, pressure or speed gauge etc, we googled them and printed.
* Bike lights (from the $1 store)

Spend an average $20-$25

We spray painted the boxes and stuck on the pictures. Stuck the lights on firmly as the ears.
Cut the dryer vent to size. We put thick padded tape around as they were sharp. Put warm clothes on underneath, preferably gray…

And start getting dressed….

YAY… a cool life size robot, that walks and talks!

This Robot costume was a HUGE hit on Halloween. So many people stopped to take his photo and give him candy. My son said he felt like a movie star! :-D

Robot Costume

Robot Costume

Robot Costume

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