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Coolest Richard Simmons Costume

Although Richard Simmons has been done before, I wanted to go for authenticity. The shorts are the key to the entire costume…they must be red and white striped and very (very) short. This was easier said than done, as you can’t buy red and white striped shorts online (there is probably a good reason for that). So I shopped around and found a “pirate” costume with striped pants that fit the style, I just had to cut and sew them into short-shorts! The tank top was no easy task either…it’s not like you can walk into a store and buy a bedazzled tank top and throw it on.

So this took some work, having to buy iron on lettering and adding the gold and silver fabric paint myself! Once the clothing was complete, I just needed to add the Afro wig and of course some body-glitter…just to get in the right frame of mind!

The Richard Simmons Costume was a big hit, the only problem is now I have to make designer tank tops for all my friends.

Coolest Richard Simmons Costume

Coolest Richard Simmons Costume

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