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Coolest Homemade Richard Simmons Costume

I was just on the internet one day and happened to see a picture of Richard Simmons pop up in an advertisement. I knew my husband and I had a contest party to go to and thought how funny would that be if my husband would go along with a Homemade Richard Simmons Costume, and he did!

I just bought some girl shorts and tank top at Wal-Mart and glued sequins on it spelling “sweatin to the oldies”, I sequined up some old leg warmers and some dazzled up tennis shoes, borrowed a friend’s Napoleon Dinomite wig. Really cheap costume. Lots of great laughs!’ I even dressed up as the 80’s workout chick. We rocked!

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Richard Simmons Costume”

  1. I am thinking of doing this with my 17 month old son. I’m a fitness instructor and I thought it would be really funny to see a baby dressed like Richard Simmons!

  2. My husband is going as Richard Simmons this year and all I can find is expensive pre-packaged costumes. Now after seeing this, I realize I can make it for him and it will look better than those pricey ones–thanks for sharing!!!


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