Coolest Homemade Richard Simmons Costume

Homemade Richard Simmons Costume

I was just on the internet one day and happened to see a picture of Richard Simmons pop up in an advertisement. I knew my husband and I had a contest party to go to and thought how funny would that be if my husband would go along with a Homemade Richard Simmons Costume, and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Richard Simmons Halloween Costume

Homemade Richard Simmons Halloween Costume

My 11 year old son really lived the character of this Homemade Richard Simmons Halloween Costume and made it super fab! He had an absolute ball playing the part of Richard Simmons. I bought red/white striped material($5) and a friend made the shorts in a couple of hours. The wig I purchased at K-Mart ($3); … Read more

Coolest Richard Simmons Costume

Coolest Richard Simmons Costume

Although Richard Simmons has been done before, I wanted to go for authenticity. The shorts are the key to the entire costume…they must be red and white striped and very (very) short. This was easier said than done, as you can’t buy red and white striped shorts online (there is probably a good reason for … Read more