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Coolest Rake It Or Leave It Costume

After trying and failing the night before the school Halloween parade to make my son the tennis racket costume that he desperately wanted, I scrambled for a costume that I could make in the early hours before school. I was fed up with the costume thing and could not ask him if he would wear what I had in mind as he was sound asleep. I had the attitude that he could “take it or leave it”.

I looked outside at the yard full of bagged leaves and then put the two ideas together to make the RAKE IT OR LEAVE IT COSTUME! Very inexpensive and extremely easy to make. I used the actual bags that had leaves in them, putting two together and then cutting out the bottom, head and arm holes. The leaves are all real and I went crazy with the glue gun. The costume was a hit for my very picky son and crowds loved it at the school parade.

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