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Coolest Coconut Tree Costume

I made this coconut tree costume for my daughter. She loved it. She got so many compliments on this costume. And I had a lot of fun making it too.

I bought some green cotton blend fabric,some stiff interfacing, floral wire and poster board. A friend of mine gave me some brown fabric. I used a sewing machine and lots of hot glue to assemble it.

I started out just hand drawing leaf patterns for two different size leaves. I stacked two layers of green fabric then one layer of the interfacing. I pinned my pattern to the layers and then cut it out. I cut out all the leaves that I needed then put them on the sewing machine and stitched around the outer edge of the leaves but left the bottom open.

Then I turned the leaves right side in so that the interfacing is on the inside. I sewed a line down the center of the leaf twice so that a little tunnel is made to put a wire through. Then ironed them flat. I did each leaf this way.

I cut a piece of poster board big enough to go around my daughter head like a crown. It was about 5 or 6 inches tall. I laid the poster board flat and started hot glueing leaves on all pointing up. Then glued a strip of poster board across the bottom of the leaves. I did two rows like this putting the smaller ones on the top row. I hot glued brown fabric to the rest of the poster board that was still showing.

The coconuts are made of three Styrofoam balls. I cut out a bunch of small irregular shaped pieces of brown fabric and clued them to the balls so that no white was showing. Then glued three small pieces of a lighter tan fabric to the balls to make them look more like coconuts. I attached the coconuts to the hat with hot glue.

She wore brown legging and a brown tunic shirt. I also made the leaf bracelets the same way I made the hat except the leaves were attached to green sweat bands with a brown Velcro cuff to wrap around the bottom of the leaves on her arm. She had great fun being a coconut tree.

Total cost was about $20.00.

the same free brown fabric that I used on the hat.

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