Coolest Rainbow Costume

My 5-year-old is quite the free thinker and she insisted on a Homemade Rainbow Costume. Not being very crafty, I scoured the internet looking for ideas and couldn’t find much of anything. I was at a thrift store one day where I found a rainbow-striped sundress and that started the ideas rolling. After finding the sundress, I found the rainbow knee-high toe socks. Then I was talking with my sister and she had armbands she had sewn for a homemade Rainbow Brite costume.

I then ventured into the craft store where I got some silver and white sparkly tulle and made a tutu to be her cloud. She also wanted a pot of gold, so I got a yellow baseball cap and some black and gold foam. I cut a pot out of the black foam and stapled it to the cap. Then I cut out coins from the gold foam and glued them to the pot. I paired all these items with a bright orange long sleeved shirt and some purple leggings, and I had the happiest and most colorful rainbow in the neighborhood.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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