I made this Homemade Queen Elizabeth I Costume for a costume party at work. The crown is made out of wire and paper mache with fake pearls and jewels hot glued onto it. The wisk is coat hangers covered in fabric and the rest of the costume is made of fabric. The front of the bodice is a triangle piece of cardboard that I covered in fabric and then decorated and attached to the front to give it a stiff look. The bum roll I made out of canvas cloth stuffed with cotton and the top layer of the skirt can be lifted off to allow for easier bathroom access.

I have very long red hair, so I was able to make my hair look like the Elizabethan style. I made hair “rats” out of pieces of panty hose stuffed with cotton and wrapped my hair around them in the front. This costume took a lot of fake pearls, which luckily aren’t very expensive. You can get a large container of them cheaply at Michael’s.

I hope you like it!