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Coolest Praying Mantis Costume

This started out as a simple question, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” The first thing that came to mind: Praying Mantis. Upon hearing this my boyfriend responded “please don’t,” and at that moment I knew I had my Praying Mantis Costume and a challenge.

The next day I immediately went to work. I downloaded coloring book images of mantis’ so I would have an example of the simplest lines and shaped of the insect. Next I downloaded various pictures of actual praying mantis’ to put together a color study of sorts. I then made a shopping list and headed to my local craft store. $50 dollars in craft supplies later I was ready to begin.

I wanted to create a helmet-type head piece to make my head look like the mantis. I made a form out of a mixing bowl, towels, tape, and saran wrap and used paper mache to achieve the mantis head.

I created the arms out of cardboard and a lot of hot glue. I glued pieces of felt on the inside of the cardboard to give it more dimension.

For the bottom wings I hot glued various sheets of glitter-green felt, then cut them into wing shapes and glued green pipe cleaners to simulate the different layers to mantis wings.

For the butt I dyed a pillow case green and stuffed it with cotton batting. Finally I attached the butt and wings to a fanny pack to hold the whole thing on and also carry around my items for the evening.

It turned out exactly as I imagined it would and I was very happy with the result. I also made a Luna moth costume for my friend and a my little pony costume for my sister. Yay for homemade costumes and good ‘ol creativity!

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8 thoughts on “Coolest Praying Mantis Costume”

  1. was looking for a praying mantis image and up popped your costume. a fun thing to see on this cold and snowy Oklahoma morning — thanks for the grin!

  2. I just googled praying mantis without looking for a costume and your story killed me; that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard “upon hearing this my boyfriend responded ‘please don’t'”. Totally using this costume next Halloween!

  3. My five year old is playing the “praying” mantis in his Catholic school play…..I almost fell off my chair when I saw this pic! Thank you for paving the way! Freaking Awsome!

  4. I have to say your idea was helpful since I have a 9 year autistic son who LOVES insects. He wants to be a mantis for Halloween this year. Thank you for posting your great invention.

  5. Was searching for a good praying mantis image for a ceramic project, and stumbled across your costume idea! You are very clever and your boyfriend is a lucky guy! I love to be creative and impress (sometimes embarrass) my husband and 2 teenage sons. If we were in the same town, I think we’d be friends! Great job!


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