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Coolest “Pot Brownie” Couple Costume

We came up with this “Pot Brownie” Couple Costume because we didn’t want the typical slutty costume. We wanted something funny and creative.

We got the skirt and shirts from Value Village, bought the socks at Fred Meyer and went to Joanna fabrics and got green and brown fabric and felts. I already wear glasses but my friend didn’t so she bought fake glasses because we thought it would give that nerdy look to the costumes. We wore our hair in pig tales to give that little kid brownie feel to it.

We made the sash out of fabric by sewing and gluing. Then we added patches we bought and my friend was actually a brownie as a kid and still had her old patches so we used those too. We cut pot leaves out of the green fabric and felt and glued them on to the sash, our skirts and socks. And then we made the ties out of the green fabric. We went out downtown and everything though our costume was a hit!


Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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