Coolest Popeye and Olive Oyl Couple Halloween Costumes

This is how I made these Popeye and Olive Oyl couple Halloween costumes

The Popeye costume was a combination of: a simple navy v-neck, a cut-out from a red polo, corn cob pipe, sailor hat, yellow bias tape belt, navy heat seal trim on the sailor collar, work boots, light blue dockers, and the tattoos which I drew on myself with scrapbook markers.

The Olive Oyl costume was made from an embellished skirt and top; yellow bias tape, white lace collar, and comfy snow boots. My hair style or lack of was a very close cropped navy or marine cut. Olive’s was wet and moussed with some bands on the back to keep it in shape. Everyone thought we looked very good and cute (also authentic). I couldn’t decide to go with stuffed arms or not and since I’ve been working out, anyhow I attempted to really maximize upper arm workouts. Unfortunately where biceps and triceps are easy to build, forearms not so much, they just get well toned.