Coolest Poodle Costume

Last year my daughter wanted a Pink Poodle Costume. I’ve always made her costumes (she’s 8 now). While in Target I saw these “curly” scarves. And I knew they would be great for the curly fur of the poodle.

I bought pink sweatshirt and pants. And a pink knit cap. Made long ears and the tail out of pink felt. Then handsewed the curly scarves on the top of cap, ends of ears, ends of tail. The “butt” and shoulders. And made cuffs for the wrists and ankles.

She also wore Pink fluffy slippers on her feet and pink fleece gloves. I had to go back to Target a few times to have enough scarves but it was worth it. We got a pink w/rhinestones dog collar from Petsmart and had a Pink heart dog tag made with her name on it! The make up turned out great!

She was a big hit!

 Poodle Costume

 Poodle Costume

8 thoughts on “Coolest Poodle Costume”

  1. This costume is adorable! She is my granddaughter and her mother makes all her costumes. My Daughter in law is the most talented girl that I know.

  2. what a fantastic idea…this pink poodle costume is adorable! almost as cute as little lady wearing it…she really makes it come to life!

  3. I found your photos when I Googled a Pink Poodle Costume, because that’s what my granddaughter wants to be for Halloween. It is absolutely incredible. I showed her the picture and she got so excited. And now of course I can’t find the “curly scarves or fabric of any kind”. I always make my grandchildrens costumes and now I’m stumped. Does anyone have any idea, where I could get this type fabric?

  4. You could also round bath sponges for the curly hair part (the ones with a string attached and mesh sewn all around). You could get them at the dollar store so that they are inexpensive!

  5. Hello, Our daughter also would like to be a pink poodle for Halloween. We have searched extensively and can’t find faux pink poodle fur anywhere! We can find white, blue, purple, brown, etc. But NO pink! We live in the SF Bay area. Any suggestions? thank you.

  6. Hi, My daugters halloween parties are tmr and I thought this was cute. My daughter is going to have brown leggiens with short black shorts and a headbgand with brown ears a long armed brown swaetter with white to look like a dog stomach

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