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Coolest Pokemon Group Costume

My boys all wanted Pokemon costumes this year and because of the total lack of Store bought Pokemon costumes I was persuaded ever so nicely to make them a Pokemon Group Costume. Ash was the easiest. One trip to the local thrift shop and I had everything I needed for him minus the small details. Felt for the hat, pokeballs and hair dye. Pikachu was an old sweater with the hood chopped off, shortened arms and legs sewn together. I used the extra fabric for his ears which I attached to his yellow hat and the tail which is glued to his back. Strips of black fabric were added for the final touches.

Turtwig was the most challenging. My son wanted a full face mask and after a bunch of research I thought it would be fun to make it 3d. I found some upholstery foam and shaped it over an old toque. Added some stuffing to give it that 3d effect and extra fabric to make the cheeks. The eyes are see through so he is able to wear it and still see. His bodysuit is all hand sewn due to my lack of a sewing machine. Fleece body with yellow felt for the legs and arms. The shell is detachable. I just glued together some brown and black fabric over left over foam and made it into sort of a backpack so he was able to get in and out of his costume with ease.

All the costumes went over very well at the school party!

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