Sick of the same-old animal costumes and onesies from Kigurami, I made my own “where the wild things are” costume, as Max, for a charity hitch-hike I was participating in.

After then making another of these onesies for my boyfriend in the form of a fox I started to cause quite a stir amongst other students. When people were asking where our onesies were from they were shocked to hear I’d made them myself and the orders started coming in. Since then I’ve put a few up on “etsy” a site for all things hand-made and I’ve sold a couple here and there worldwide. Very exciting for little me in Sheffield, England. As I’ve gone from one home-made costume to small business woman I’d like to share with you what I consider my “coolest” costumes, as well I guess I should be proud to be a serious home-made costume maker.

So here are my Pokemon costumes (well a couple of them) these were also produced to be taken on a charity hitch-hike and they certainly caught attention. The picture is a triple exposure of my boyfriend living out his ultimate dream of par-taking in a Pokemon battle, against himself.

My costumes are all made from fleece and fur and to my special pattern. With a simple onesie shape you can add all sorts of additions to create the different characters which is the funnest part.

Happy costumes and animal love.