Coolest Poison Ivy Halloween Cotume

After checking out the pretty awful Poison Ivy costumes in stores this year, I thought it would be much better, and a lot more fun, to make my own Poison Ivy Halloween costume.

I bought a green leotard, green tights, green satin gloves, a bright reddish-orange wig, and some fake ivy leaves.

I sewed some leaves all across the top of the leotard and gloves, and sewed smaller vines of leaves wrapping around the tights and gloves. I spray painted an old pair of knee-high boots green and glued some leaves around the top. I also spray painted a wide belt green and sewed some leaves around it. I took the leftover strands of ivy and twisted it together for a hairpiece. For the eyebrows I took some light molding putty and molded it into shape. I then let it air dry, painted it, and used spirit gum to attach it to my face.

I applied fake eyelashes and used bright green eye makeup and bright red lipstick to complete the look.

Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy Costume

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Poison Ivy Halloween Cotume”

  1. I’m planing to make my own poison ivy costume this year and I LOVE yours!!! thanks for the idea of using molding puddy for the eyebrows. I was thinking the same thing….

    Your pics are great and your costume is the best I have seen!!!!

  2. Your costume is really awesome!!!
    I am wanting to create something similar for this years Halloween but I cannot find the fake ivy leaves anywhere. Where do you get these from?

  3. I am researching this costume to dress as Posion Ivy this Halloween – thanks for the tips on doing the eyes.. I had no clue- I think this is one of the best costumes as PIvy I have seen! great job = very COOL- so excited

  4. Sorry guys! I forgot about this post and haven’t checked out the comments in, well, years.

    For anyone in the future- I bought the leotard at a dance/costume shop and the leaves from a craft store (think Michael’s, somewhere with lots of those fake flowers and such) I actually bought vines and ripped the leaves off of them.

    Thanks for all the feedback! This is still my fave Halloween costume to date :)

  5. hi, got my fake ivy and my wig on eBay. had so much fun making my costume for my birthday party…looking for to Halloween for my next one :)


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