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Coolest Pineapple Costume

This Homemade Pineapple Costume is a costume from last year, so I don’t have photos of the creation process. No need to include this in any contest, if those things prevent it from qualifying – just saw there was only 1 pineapple costume on the site, quite different from mine, so I wanted to share.)

This pineapple costume was pieced together from a hand crafted no-sew tutu and various store bought items. The feather headband was purchased, but could easily be made with feathers from a craft store. Sunglasses could be replaced with costume make-up, if you prefer not to buy any. Necklace was fashioned from a tag swiped off a real pineapple; I just punched a small hole in it and attached gold cord so it would fit my neck. For the main portion of the costume, I used a gold sequin tube dress I already had and layered a top and tutu skirt over it. Green part is a belly dancing top found on ebay, and the tutu skirt was created using tutorials found on youtube (search for no sew tutu and you will find many). I added gold boots I already had, but you could also go for gold tights/leggings, or use shiny gold fabric to make your own boot covers. Costume was comfortable, but did leave glitter on everything, thanks to the glitter tulle used for the tutu. I like sprinkling a little magic around, so I wouldn’t change this, but if you want to avoid glitter litter, best to go with non-glitter tulle.

Costume was a huge hit!

Homemade Pineapple Costume

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