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Coolest Picnic Table Costume

Grace, a nine-year-old, is wearing a creative but easy to assemble picnic table Halloween costume! The materials needed for this costume were bought for less than fifty dollars and the assemble time only took two hours.

The materials needed are as follows: a large piece of Styrofoam, a picnic basket, a white and red checkered picnic table cloth, fake play food, kitchen utensils, super glue, and whatever other décor you would like to add to spice up the costume. I bought the play food at a toy store and used plastic plates and utensils from home. I also used empty pop cans and candy bars from home. Cut a hole in a Styrofoam rectangle for the head, and rest the Styrofoam on shoulders. Dress the Styrofoam in a picnic tablecloth and super glue utensils and decor to the table. Cut a hole in a picnic basket and put it over the head.

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