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Coolest DIY Picnic Halloween Costume

Like most, I struggled to find a creative, non-provocative costume for a Halloween party I was attending this year. After walking down the aisles at a local store, I saw my inspiration for my costume: a clearance picnic basket.

The most time consuming part of this DIY picnic Halloween costume was figuring out where to find the materials I needed to look like a picnic. After shopping for the materials, the actual costume took less than 20 minutes to ensemble. My total cost for the costume was under $30, too!

Basket: $11 (Wal-mart)
Fake fruit: $1 each = $7 total (Dollar Tree)
Paper plates, cups, utensils, and napkins = $1 each = $4 (Dollar Tree)
Red and White material: 2 yards for $5.99 (JoAnn’s Fabrics)

Total spent: $27.99

I had the bread, chips, headband and blanket (that lined inside of the basket) already at home. I just hot-glued the plate, napkin, cup, and utensils onto a headband; cut a hole in the middle of the material, and placed the fake fruit and food into the basket. It didn’t take much to fill the basket because I lined it with a big blanket to take up some extra space. Later on in the evening, my sister drew ants on my face just for fun!

This DIY picnic Halloween costume was extremely comfortable and the basket was lightweight! I had a lot of compliments throughout the night! It was definitely one of the least expensive and less time consuming costume I’ve ever made!

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  1. This is a great costume, but you don’t describe how you made the dress part. Please add this in, I am struggling with this aspect of my costume!


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