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Coolest Homemade Picnic Basket Costume

A meal to go takes on a whole new meaning. I made a Homemade Picnic Basket Costume. Using tablecloth fabric, I sewed a dress that fitted over an eyelet dress (to represent paper doilies). I glued plastic ants to the hem and neckline. I cut off the bottom of a basket and used duct tape and glue gun to attach plates, cups and napkins to the basket’s rim. I used a glue gun to attach the fork and knife to a napkin to make my “bow-tie”.

If your basket is big enough, you could stick in an empty can of chips, empty bottle of wine, bag of cookies, water, or anything you want to keep handy at a picnic. I stepped into the basket and it stayed in place. I stacked cups and kept my cell phone and camera in them while I walked around. Grass would’ve been a nice touch, but I was in a hurry. You could use green fun foam, cut to look like grass, or some astro-turf, and stick these to your shoes or flip flops. Hope this helps.

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