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Coolest Homemade Easter Bunny Basket Costume

My daughter wanted to do something different this year so I came up with the idea to do an Easter Basket. It then led to her being in the basket and if she is in the basket she might as well be the Easter Bunny!

So to make this Homemade Easter Bunny Basket Costume we cut a hole in a laundry basket that would allow her to pull it up to her waste and stay there without having to support it. We then added a foam pipe insulator and painted everything a Springy green. We wove pastel color ribbons through the holes in the basket and backed everything with green felt. We then built a lightweight shelf of foam core board wrapped in felt to hold all of the Easter candies.

We carved some bunny “Peeps” from BalsaFoam. We then tin-foiled a bunny stuffed animal, added balloon jelly beans and some fabric eggs and green tinsel grass. We also stuffed tube socks and sewed in some toes and attached them to her skirt. Hilarious foot movement as she walked. Just added the bunny ears, bowtie and a little make-up nose and buck teeth. It was the hit of the neighborhood.

Easter Bunny Costume

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  1. this is a very unique but creative idea i love this i need a basket for my youth egg hunt please contact me with a price quote or a instruction on how to complete this project i love it this has been one of the most creative ideas i have seen a long time


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