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Coolest Homemade Peep in an Easter Basket Costume

Here comes Peter Cottontail,Happy Easter (I mean Halloween) everyone!

While I did buy the actual Peep costume that my son is wearing (I’m no seamstress!), the rest of this Peep in an Easter Basket Costume was made by me.

We took my son’s wagon and started out with a “box” frame. I purchased 4 different colors of ribbon and “wove the basket” to make it look like a jumbo Easter Basket. For the handle, we took a hoola hoop and cut it in half, then I wrapped it in pipe insulation and also wrapped matching ribbon around it. I found inflatable footballs at a local store and primed them, then painted them to make them look like giant Easter eggs.

The “grass” is actually a roll of green cellophane that I “shredded”, again, all in large size to try and keep to scale with my giant Peep!

For the jelly beans, we used plastic Easter eggs (again, trying to stay “to scale”). I gathered various Easter items that we had around the house and attached all items to the wagon with hot glue.

I visited a local candy shop in our village and was able to get some old leftover Easter candy from last year to add to our “basket”

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