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Coolest Homemade Supermom Costume Idea

I needed a costume that I could wear to work and since I work with children, we couldn’t wear anything scary. That’s when I made my way to this website and found the idea for Super Mom!

For my homemade Super Mom costume idea, I made a cape out of some silky fabric from a local fabric shop and just sewed the edges so they wouldn’t fray. I used ribbon to tie it around my neck. The shirt was a turtleneck that I already had and I just cut out a “supermom” emblem and sewed it to the shirt. I had to have an apron for all my cooking utensils so I went to Home Depot and bought a $.77 nail apron and dyed it pink. I attached my utensils with fishing line.

Every supermom has an extra set of hands. I cut the legs off some old leggings, stuffed them with plastic bags, stuffed the gloves with torn up paper and then attached the gloves to the leggings with hot glue. Then I just pinned them to the back of my shirt right below my armpits.

The hat is a conductor hat that I bought from Party City. This is where the fun began… DUCT TAPE! You can find all kinds of cool colors of Duct Tape at Walmart or home improvement stores. I covered up the “Conductor” part of the hat and then used black, glittery puffy paint to write the words “Supermoms Taxi”. I then glued two googly eyes to the back of the hat.

The boots were boots that I already had and I covered them with the pink duct tape. WARNING: the duct tape may leave sticky residue so don’t use your favorite pair of boots!

I just threw on an old skirt and some tights to complete it!

Homemade Supermom Costume Idea

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