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Coolest People Magazine Cover Costume

This is the favorite costume I’ve made. It was actually pretty easy to make. I went out and bought about 6 sheets of Bristol board, 4 sheets of black and 2 sheets of white (a couple extra in case you mess up with measurements, which you probably will).

I then bought a pack of sharpies permanent colored markers (permanent makes the color on the front look a lot brighter).

For the cover, I bought a People magazine so I could match the letters as best i could. I just found letters on “word” and printed them off so I could trace them for the cover. I traced it out on the white Bristol board before I put it all together. the cover is all one piece. I used an Exacto knife to cut it out, and then I colored it in with the markers. I colored the boarder with black magic marker too.

To put it all together, I just used a glue gun.
For it to sit properly on me, I cut out some space for my shoulders to allow the box to sit a little lower. It just rested on the top of my shoulders. You have to measure it a bit smaller than the width of your shoulders so it fits kinda tight and wont fall off.

You can use this idea for any magazine. My friend made one of “TIME” magazine, and on the cover wrote “man of the year” and he wore a business suit.

Everyone loved it and I got lots of comments!

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  1. The back piece is bristol board, too? I know you write that you used a box to get it to sit right on your shoulders so you used more than just bristol board/markers? I want to do something very similar this year and yours looks great!


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