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Coolest Homemade Ziploc Bag Costume

I had no idea what to dress my 3 year old son in for Halloween and he wasn’t very forthcoming with ideas either (being only 3 and not concerned with such things yet). Typically for me, I had two hours before trick-or-treating started to come up with an idea.

Looking in our storage closet, I noticed a pillow bag that I had been saving for something-or-other (these are those thicker clear bags that brand new pillows are sold in that have a zipper enclosure on one side). That was my starting point; I just tried thinking about something/anything that I could make from a pillow bag, and tuh-dah: came up with the idea of a Homemade Ziploc Bag Costume! I’d never seen anyone dressed as one before, but there has to be a first for everything!

With the zippered side as the bottom, I cut a hole in the top for his head and two holes on either side for his arms. I also had to make slits on the bottom of each side to allow for more movement for his legs. I “sealed” around the head, arm and side slits with clear packing tape to prevent the plastic from tearing further.

I used orange Bristol board to draw large carrots, red Bristol board for the apples, and green and brown kids’ construction paper for the apple stems and leaves. I added dimension to the carrots by drawing horizontal lines (to show the carrot peel) and shaded the lines with orange crayon. I used some of that green Easter basket filler as the green leafy carrot tops. I attached the carrots and apples to the inside front of the pillow bag with clear packing tape along the edges of the shapes.

With another piece of white Bristol board, I freehand drew an enlarged version of the Ziplock logo, outlined it in blue and shaded it in with blue crayon for more dimension. I attached this to the outside front of the pillow bag using the clear packing tape. On the back of the pillow bag I wrote the words: “sealed for freshness” in capital letters with a permanent marker. I dressed him all in white so that his body would provide a neutral background to the costume.

Needless to say, his costume was met with rave reviews! If you decide to dress your young one in this costume, your child might very well be the only walking Ziplock bag this Halloween!

Cost: $5 + found items.

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