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Cool Paper Doll Costume

I love the creativity that goes into making a costume! And the satisfaction of saving money when doing so! The paper doll costumes I made for my baby girl and I cost a total of THREE dollars!!! I was inspired by a large cardboard box in our garage that was about to go into the recycling.

I had my husband trace my outline on the cardboard and then I cut it into that shape of a dress (with tabs). I found wallpaper leftover by the previous owners of our house and used that to cover the dress cutout. I used construction paper for the accents, and ribbon in the back to help attach the paper dress to myself. I tied the ribbon around my neck and around waist.

I wore my “undies” behind the dress. My “undies” were a tank top and a pair of pajama shorts I bought at a thrift store for $3! I altered the shorts a bit to make them look more like bloomers with bows and all! You could also wear a slip, or anything that gives the idea of “undies”.

I couldn’t resist and made a mini me costume for my baby girl. What a trouper! She let me put it on her for a great photo :) In the picture she is looking at me with a “WHAT are you doing mom?!” expression on her face! Haha

The Paper Doll Costume was a hit at the party we went to and we won for MOST ORIGINAL!


Construction Paper
Elmers Glue

Coolest Paper Doll Costume

Coolest Paper Doll Costume - back of dress (looks terrible but you get the idea)!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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