Coolest Mystique X-Men Costume

Like most of us out here, Halloween is my favorite holiday! I started manifesting this Mystique costume in my mind during Halloween 2013. The end result was better than I imagined and it only took time, creativity, and some fun.


  • Plain blue spandex bodysuit
  • Tulip Soft Velveteen Blue fabric paint from Michael’s (almost the whole bottle was used)
  • Fab Face and Body Paint- Cobalt Blue from Jest Paint
  • Spirit Halloween Liquid Latex- White
  • Spirit Halloween Red Face Paint
  • Beyond the Zone Color Bombz Red Hairspray (Sally’s Beauty Supply)
  • Paintbrushes cut into a fine point and paint sponges
  • Small spray bottle filled with water

A week and a half before Halloween I started painting the scales all over the bodysuit. I mostly stayed true to Mystique’s scale design but I also created them in a way that I saw fit. This took an entire week to do- about two to three hour sessions each time. After each paint session I would let the suit dry overnight.

The shape-shifting/painting process took about two hours. During the weeks leading up to Halloween I watched a lot of “Mystique liquid latex tutorials” on YouTube so I was prepared.

-I pulled my hair back and painted a red widows peak on my forehead. I also painted red down the start of my hairline, on my face.

-I used the finely cut paintbrushes to apply the liquid latex to my brow line, forehead, and cheeks. Pretty much my whole face. (So much fun!) You can really be creative here. I applied three coats to each scale- wait for the previous ones to dry a bit before applying another coat.

-I then grabbed a beer. (Very important)

-I put my bodysuit on so I can begin to paint my skin. Using the cobalt blue paint, a sponge, and the spray bottle I painted my feet, hands, chest, upper back, neck, ears, and face. I covered any skin that was showing. I would spray the sponge with water, dab it into the paint, and then dab it onto my body. A few coats were required rot get the right color.

-I then put a robe on to cover my neck and back and had my roommate spray my hair. It turned out perfect and really pulled the costume together.

Small Notes: I also painted my nails blue and I did not buy yellow contacts. My eyes looked creepy and good enough without them. I was freezing the whole night because I was basically naked, but after a few drinks I was fine! Throughout the night I would touch up my chin every so often- if any liquid dripped,the paint would run. And I will also be spending the next month removing random blue hand-prints in my house. It was totally worth it, I received great feedback on the costume and I will definitely be repeating this one some day!

Coolest Mystique X-Men Costume

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