Happy Waffleween!

I would definitely use the words ‘quirky’ and a bit ‘corny’ as a part of my personality traits. I just roll with it. Two things were certain this year: 1. I wanted to be some sort of a food item for Halloween this year. 2. This costume could NOT be store bought.

Following the suit of my uber creative, sew crafty mother, I decided I was going to make my own costume this year. I decided to be “Mrs. Butterworths Syrup”, and surely, I would need a waffle to complete the ‘look.’ Luckily, my boyfriend is very obliging.

I made my costume out of a rust colored duvet cover I had purchased at the Salvation army for $9. My (cap) hat is made from foam sheets you buy at Michaels, and my label is hand painted on a raw canvas. The waffle: is made from an old egg crate (the one that goes beneath your sheets on your mattress), and the bacon is also painted on raw canvas.

We marched in our Homemade Mrs. Butterworth and Wafffle Couple Costume in the West Village Halloween Parade 2010 last year. We felt like breakfast-themed superstars! It was amazing!!!