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Coolest Mr. T Costume for a Toddler

You don’t really need a stage by stage tutorial on making this Mr. T costume, since it is mostly just accessories piled together.

All I did, was bought a yellow baby bib and some fake chains from a craft store (the homecoming mum chains and charms are the best for this).

On the front side of the bib, I sewed on lengths of chain, so that it would be easy to get on and off of a toddler. I attached various found charms onto the bib.

I then, found metallic pipe cleaners and added that to the chain ensemble. A plastic sheriff badge from a party store was clipped onto the bib and I took and yellow piece of felt, cut it into a T shape and painted it a metallic gold and added it on a chain.

For older kids or adults, no need to sew onto a bib, just add tons of bulky plastic chains and charms.

I used a beaded necklace and pipe cleaners around the wrist for some bracelets.

For the hair, I simply put black mascara in and hair sprayed it into a Mohawk shape. I used a camo shirt, but any shirt will do, especially a plain colored one… if you have a denim vest, add that too! He had sunglasses too, but those quickly got left behind.

This costume cost less than $10 and 30 minutes to make, and it got the most attention and compliments than even the more elaborate, time consuming and expensive costumes.He was the hit of the party!

We taught our toddler to say “I pity the fool”.

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  1. My baby’s name starts with “T” so we call him Mr. T A LOT! He is only 3mths old so I was baffled how to make necklaces that wouldn’t be so dangerous! This is a FABULOUS idea!!!! Thank you SOOOO much for sharing!!!!


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