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Coolest Michaelangelo Ninja Turtle Costume

I made this Michael Angelo Ninja Turtle costume at my toddler’s request. Once my son was old enough to express his honest opinion I tried to allow him to make his own decisions and explore his imagination. When I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he told me Michael Angelo the orange Ninja Turtle. He loves the Ninja Turtles just like every other young child in America and Michael Angelo is his favorite. His wish was my command and the research began.

I am all about DIY and I have OCD, so his costume had to be done right to the T. I found the best image of the Ninja Turtle I could and went off of that.

  • I looked everywhere for a green body suit for a toddler and had no luck so I resorted to buying him a pair of white long johns and I hand dyed them green.
  • I made his turtle shell out of cardboard and a glue gun. I watched a youtube tutorial on how to make a turtle shell and just eye balled everything. I then hand painted his whole shell front and back and was so happy with how that came out.
  • I wanted a green swimming cap to cover his hair, but had no luck with that, so I stuck a green bandanna in with the green long johns to dye so they would match as best as possible.
  • I looked everywhere for elbow pads and knee pads that would fit a toddler and had no luck with that, so I actually ended up buying face masks from a local hardware store and cut them up, hand painted them, and glued fabric to them.
  • I cut out fabric for his face mask and his wrist wraps. I also used body paint to put on his face and hands.
  • I ordered his nun-chucks which he pronounces dump trucks (so cute) and I glued them on his belt with fabric.
  • I also wrapped a pair of his sneakers in chicken wire to give him that two toed ninja turtle foot and then wrapped that with green tape. I love his turtle feet.

That’s his costume in a nutshell. It took me 3 days to complete. The reaction I got from him was awesome. He didn’t want to take it off at all. Everyone else loved it and knew exactly what he was when he was wearing it. I loved making it and love that my son loved it even more!

Coolest Michaelangelo Ninja Turtle Costume

Coolest Michaelangelo Ninja Turtle Costume

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