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Coolest Mermaid Woman’s Costume

I have searched online for a cool realistic looking Mermaid Woman’s Costume for years and after finding nothing FOR YEARS I decided I would go ahead and make one!

I used a lot of shiny blues, greens, yellows and any ocean colors I could find. I used parts of old dresses that I got from thrift stores along with some fabric, sea shell beads and seaweed looking yarn from the local fabric store. I lined the underside of the tail fin with tulle to give it extra fluff.

I made a very tight blue pencil skirt and used buttons to connect the lower tail portion. I covered the buttons with a second smaller tail made in the same way as the large one but on a much smaller scale. The tail was made by laying out two yards of fabric and hand sewing on fin shaped pieces of material on the flat surface. I did about eight layers of different pieces and colors over four layers of tulle. Before starting I cut the base fin at the bottom to look like fish fins and folded it over and sewed a small line for elastic. Once all of the layers were complete I just ran elastic through and drew it all in to create the fluffy look. I tried to add as much detail as possible and made a belt and sewed on beads and fins to the top.

The makeup was done using fishnet stockings to create the scale appearance and with a mermaid wig and flower it pulled it all together!

I had so much fun making this costume I can’t wait to see what I come up with for next year!

Coolest Mermaid Woman's Costume

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