Coolest Mario Kart Group Costume

My friends and I decided to be Mario Kart for Halloween. It’s not an original idea, but I believe it makes up for that in the construction.

I made (I have a lot of free time on my hands) 4 Karts, one for Mario, Luigi, Peach and Baby Luigi, out of foam board, glue, duct tape, thread, yarn and paint. It took about 3 days to make each kart. I started with cutting the foam board for the first kart, which I used as a template for the others.

As a result of all the angles and geometric shapes, and a lack of a protractor or geometry skills, it took a few tries to get the first kart to fit together, but once the first one was fit, I was able to use the dimensions to “mass produce” the pieces for the other karts. After the pieces were fit together glued and taped, I painted each one.

However, I underestimated the amount of foam board I would need, and had to purchase more, but the store was out of white, so I had to buy black and paint a few layers of white paint on before painting the entire kart. After the paint was dry, I added license plates to the front and the back, the name plate on the front. And after they were transported my friends and I added on our wheels and steering wheels, which had to be sewed on because the glue wasn’t going to have time to dry.

For the costumes we each found our own attire, piecing out looks together. Furthermore, it’s more difficult than it should be to find a pair of overalls at a Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Lastly, we each had 3 bananas made out of felt that we threw at people throughout the night. Throughout the night our karts stayed nearly completely together, only losing a few wheels after bumping into walls, doorways and people, however we took that in stride pretending to spin-out.

Coolest Mario Kart Group Costume - Kart before being painted

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