Coolest Golden Snitch Costume

Homemade Golden Snitch Costume

For Halloween I made a Golden Snitch costume, aka a Quidditch ball from Harry Potter. To make the round part I paper mached around a large exercise ball, which took about 20 coats to get to the thickness desired. I then did the detailing on the sides based on some rough pictures I found on … Read more

Coolest Mario Kart Group Costume

Coolest Mario Kart Group Costume

My friends and I decided to be Mario Kart for Halloween. It’s not an original idea, but I believe it makes up for that in the construction. I made (I have a lot of free time on my hands) 4 Karts, one for Mario, Luigi, Peach and Baby Luigi, out of foam board, glue, duct … Read more

Coolest Old Lady Giving Out Candy Costume

Old Lady Giving Out Candy Costume

My costume is of an old lady with a door who hands out candy to all the “cute trick-or-treaters” who knock on her door. This old lady giving out candy costume took about a week to construct, and withstood many material changes. The door is completely handmade out of foam board and wooden frame. It’s … Read more