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Coolest Magic School Bus Group Costume

Halloween is a big deal here in Chapel Hill, N.C. and being college students my friends and I get pretty into it. Every year we base our Halloween costumes around our red-headed friend Molly. Freshman year we did Wizard of Oz (she was the lion), Sophomore year we did Spice Girls (she was Ginger Spice) and last year we did Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus (she was Miss Frizzle of course).

The Magic School Bus- purchase cardboard boxes for each person posing as a student. Remove the flaps and paint the boxes yellow. Then paint two black stripes. Go to the scrapbook/sticker section at Michaels (or any arts and crafts store) and buy purple glitter letters (to write magic school bus), math and space related stickers. Each person can then decorate their own section of the bus. I clipped suspenders on to each box to make it wearable and also appear more “student like”.

Ralphie- Plaid pants or shorts and a plain T-shirt. Cut out a red R and safety pin it the shirt. Wear a backward red baseball cap.

Wanda li- red pants, sneakers, cut out red vest from felt fabric, and purple long sleeve.

Dorothy-Ann- Purple turtle neck, mini skirt and converse shoes. Wear hair in high pig tails

Liz the lizard- bought toddler lizard costume, cut the bottoms off and wore as a top and used head piece. Wore the legs as leg warmers.

Miss Frizzle- sticks stickers and other science/math related items on a purple long-sleeved dress. Wear some funky geometric earrings

Arnold- round circle glasses, striped polo, boy jeans. We used a Justin Bieber wig and spray painted it orange!

Keesha- Oversized purple/maroon sweater and blue leggings. Wear hair in a high bun.

This has by far been the most successful Halloween we have had yet. We all stuck together  that night and everyone was getting a good laugh (in a good way) by our amazing costumes! Liz the lizard even got on Miss Frizzles back for part of the night!

I wish there was a costume contest in Chapel Hill because our friends would have definitely taken the cake!


Coolest Magic School Bus Group Costume

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