Coolest Homemade Magic School Bus Costume – Go Science!

Science is not typically any kid’s favorite subject..except for me! Growing up I would religiously watch “The Magic School Bus” on PBS. If for some horrible reason you aren’t aware what this glorious show is AND you haven’t Google’d it yet…I’ll give you a quick synopsis. Miss Frizzle, the eccentric Science teacher, would teach her students with a VERY hands on approach..and her dress and accessories would always coordinate with the field trip’s theme. She had a pet lizard in tow and a magic school bus that could morph into anything — blood cells, clouds, and dinosaur (to name a few!)

My favorite episode was the “human body” field-trip; yep, the bus shrunk, was ingested, went through the stomach, into the blood stream and eventually was sneezed back out! SO COOL! That may have lead to my interest in the human body and becoming a Nurse…

I was talking with my nephew one day about how cool Science was (he did not agree) and we started talking about ‘The Magic School Bus”. He had no idea what I was talking about although we quickly Google’d it and watched an episode together. Thus another science geek was born!

This was my most favorite costume! I started with shopping the vintage stores for the perfect dress, and hand cut and sewed all the weather items onto the dress (and accessories). Finding the perfect wig and accessories (yellow bannan clip, eccentric jewelry and a pet lizard were equally as fun).  I wasn’t sure if “the public” would know who I was but I didn’t care…

I was SO stoked to be MIss Frizzle! Well within about 2 minutes of being downtown…people were driving by and yelling “Go MIss Frizzle!”, when we went through the bar crawl I was taking pictures with tons of people who had the same love for Miss Frizzle as I. The last bar we were at, I ended up on a table yelling “Go Science!” with everyone else hollering an cheering it too. SO awesome..Go Science!!

The best part, is my friend who is a 4th grade teacher in urban Chicago brought my outfit back with her and uses it with her children when she teaches about weather :)

Coolest Homemade Magic School Bus Costume - Go Science!

Coolest Homemade Magic School Bus Costume - Go Science!

Coolest Homemade Magic School Bus Costume - Go Science!