Coolest Homemade Magic School Bus and Ms Frizzle Couple Costume

I wanted to dress as Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus this year. I knew the bus would make the costume, so I convinced my friend to wear the bus all night. If you decide not to do this as a homemade Magic School Bus and Ms Frizzle couple costume, Ms. Frizzle can just wear the bus.

I bought a long dress from the thrift store and sewed space themed fabric onto the bottom half. I printed out a picture of Liz the Lizard, glued it to a small piece of cardboard so that it would stand up and sewed it to the shoulder of the dress. I got a bright red wig from the costume store and pinned the hair up like Ms. Frizzle’s. I glued felt stars onto an old belt and added more stars to the top of the dress.

The bus is made of a cardboard box and 2 shoe boxes. Everything is just taped together and spray painted yellow. The wheels are cardboard circles that were painted black. All of the other bus details are just shapes cut from construction paper. I found photos of all of the characters and taped them to the bus with electrical tape to make the windows.

We used some of the extra fabric from the dress to make shoulder straps for the bus. We just poked holes in the top of the box and tied a knot. My friend wore a yellow shirt and we cut a rocket-ship out of felt and safety pinned it onto the front. The bus held up all night at a crowded party and we were finalists in a costume contest!

Homemade Magic School Bus and Ms Frizzle Couple Costume

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  1. I googled “magic school bus students” and just found random pictures of each one. I think this was the most time consuming part of the whole project bc I had to take pics from different sources and then crop.

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