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Coolest Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle Couple Costume

Here’s our Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle couple costume. I am Ms. Frizzle and my cousin Elizabeth is the magic school bus. We absolutely love the TV show The Magic School Bus, we even own all the DVDs and we wanted to make our costumes instead of buy them in a store. We just love being creative and plus it gave us something to do when we were bored.

For Ms Frizzle I already owned a purple dress so I printed out all my designs and glued it onto my dress. I also already had a stuffed lizard. Then I braided my hair that night and the next morning when I took my hair done it looked like Ms. Frizzles hair.

My cousin took a box and spray painted it yellow, then added some designs that we printed out. When we were walking around people knew who we were right away and some people even stopped us to take pictures with us. They told they loved the Magic School Bus TV show. I personally think it brought back such good memories to people because it is an old TV show that hardly plays anymore and a lot of people probably miss the show; I know I do.

We also decorated the other sides of the bus with the kids from the show. The pictures I had of it got deleted. Also, my cousin wore a yellow shirt to match the bus, I think the funniest part was for me wearing a lizard on my shoulder everywhere I went and the hardest was making sure the lizard didn’t fall off of my shoulder whenever I was walking around.

We entered a contest but didn’t win. There were a lot of other people in our category but we still had a blast wearing the costumes. We know others enjoyed it as well.

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