We are HUGE Simpsons fans and here’s our homemade Maggie Simpson costume.

We started off with a basic bunting pattern that was easy to sew and we found the perfect shade of Maggie blue. In the same pattern sheet was a beanie that took a few more attempts but I finally got it, be careful babies’ heads are tricky to measure.

Our first round of spikey hair was cone shaped cut outs of yellow, car wash type/size sponges that I stitched onto the beanie. She looked more like Koopa from Mario Bros than Maggie.

The second round was mirrored mountain peak shaped cut outs of the beanie fabric. I sewed the “peaky” parts together then sewed one side of the bottom flat part to the beanie itself. I then shoved the sponges up inside the peaks and hand stitched the other flat part to the beanie.

My mom found a pacifier with red handle and a blue base and my hubby slid red craft foam around the base to make Maggie’s signature pacifier.

Add a blue bow and VIOLA.

I think I probably spent like $15-$20 but since I am a novice seamstress, it was like 10-15 hours of work.