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Coolest Maggie Simpson Costume

We are HUGE Simpsons fans and here’s our homemade Maggie Simpson costume.

We started off with a basic bunting pattern that was easy to sew and we found the perfect shade of Maggie blue. In the same pattern sheet was a beanie that took a few more attempts but I finally got it, be careful babies’ heads are tricky to measure.

Our first round of spikey hair was cone shaped cut outs of yellow, car wash type/size sponges that I stitched onto the beanie. She looked more like Koopa from Mario Bros than Maggie.

The second round was mirrored mountain peak shaped cut outs of the beanie fabric. I sewed the “peaky” parts together then sewed one side of the bottom flat part to the beanie itself. I then shoved the sponges up inside the peaks and hand stitched the other flat part to the beanie.

My mom found a pacifier with red handle and a blue base and my hubby slid red craft foam around the base to make Maggie’s signature pacifier.

Add a blue bow and VIOLA.

I think I probably spent like $15-$20 but since I am a novice seamstress, it was like 10-15 hours of work.


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9 thoughts on “Coolest Maggie Simpson Costume”

  1. Not sure if this post is from 2008 or last year….wondering if you would be interested in renting or selling your creation. Maybe even next year if you are using it now.. Post a comment back if you are and i will send you my email. Thanks!!!

  2. although I am flattered by the requests to buy/rent the costume I ‘m not able to. The costume has already been handed down and I am a pretty busy mom. Sorry.

    about the issues with the cap, it is pretty time consuming. Ours looked good from far away but a lot of the stitching was visible when you got close up. i used sponges and batting to give the points their height. hope that helps.

  3. HI I’m from San Jose and my husband is a big fan and we are now expecting our first baby and she is a girl. I was wondering if you sell or rent this wonderful costume you have created? Please let me know. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon

  4. Great job on the costume, wondering if you could make/sell me one for my baby girl of 3 months. Please let me know. My email is dancalderon310[at]hotmail.com


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