My daughter loves Easy Mac and wanted me to make a Macaroni and Cheese costume for Halloween. I started with an old laundry basket I had lying around and cut a hole in the bottom for her to step into and wear around her waist. It was a nice fit, so no straps were needed at all.

I covered the basket with cardboard recycled from old Christmas shirt boxes and painted it to look like the Easy Mac bowl. Then I took another piece of cardboard and cut it to fit inside the bowl in front of her. On this piece I glued lots of macaroni made from recycled paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes and wrapping paper tubes painted a very cheesy yellowish-orange. I connected more tubes with clear elastic to make the “hat”.

The fork is made from another wrapping paper tube and cardboard covered with duct tape and spray painted silver. Believe it or not, all of these supplies were on hand and I did not spend a dime on this costume.

She won “Most Original” at her school Fall Festival and got lots and lots of compliments!