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Sleazy Macaroni and Cheese Costume

I’m from Wisconsin and LOVE Cheese so I decided to be a “naughty” version of Macaroni.

My bowl is a Rubbermaid container (I cut the bottom out). I removed the handles and added longer straps to hang on my shoulders. My bowl is filled with painted toilet paper rolls. On the top of my bowl I used a foam wreath base. I cut them in half and painted them yellow as well. I made jewelry out of spiral and various other pasta noodles.

The logo on the front is painted on a piece of canvas and there is calorie information on the back. I made a crown that says “Sleazy Mac- Ready in 3 1/2 minutes” The bra is a foam cheese bra (same material as a Green Bay Foam cheese head).

I braided my hair and fed a hanger through my braids so the curls would stay in the air. The fork was a piece of “art” from the 70’s. I exacto knifed some holes in the Toilet paper rolls so I could stick them on the fork.

I received a lot of compliments on my Homemade Sleazy Macaroni and Cheese Costume.

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