Coolest Lots O’ Huggin Bear Costume

This year my whole family dressed up as characters from Toy Story! We had Buzz, Jessie, Bo Peep, Woody, and Mr. Potato Head! And I was very excited that I was assigned to be Lots-O-Huggin Bear! I made my Lots O’ Huggin Bear Costume with lost of help from my mom (Thanks Mom!).

The head is made of chicken wire covered in batting and fabric. The eyes were plastic Christmas ornament halves with shaped sun-glass lenses for the irises and pupils. The body is just fabric and A LOT of stuffing! Through trial and error we found that it helped to add a hula hoop around the bottom of the belly.

My crutch is made of two shipping tubes. I photo-shopped the image on the tag (that’s kind of hard to see in the picture) and we printed it on fabric. And of course we picked up some essential oils from the craft store because LotsO HAS to smell like strawberries!

Coolest Lots O' Huggin Bear Costume - The back (Tail and Tag)

Coolest Lots O' Huggin Bear Costume - The Whole Gang!

Coolest Lots O' Huggin Bear Costume - Close up of the head

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  1. I love the Lotso costume! My 2 year old wants to be Lotso for Halloween this year. Can you please tell me what kind of fabric you used? So far I haven’t been able to find the right color.


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