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Coolest Giant Mr. Potato Head Costume

Mr. Potato Head took around 70hrs to construct. The idea was to make the structure hollow in the center. To do this, I acquired black tubing (width of a hula hoop) and made 4 different hoops varying in size to create his base. In each tubing, I placed galvanized wire to strengthen the hop.

Every hoop was connected to the other by placing tubing (filled with galvanized wire) in between the hoops perpendicular for support. Afterwards aviary chicken wire was wrapped around the hoops to create a shell.

After the aviary chicken wire was tied around the hoops, I went to Joanne Fabric store and found a nylon fabric to wrap around and cover the chicken wire. This was duct taped on the corners of the tubing to hold.

The next phase was creating a skeleton so that I could easily interchange the pieces like the toy. This was done with cardboard tubing (fabric is typically rolled around) and using wires to tie and duct tape to the inside chicken wire to stay firm. I think gently cut holes where the pieces would go with a razor blade.

Each piece needed half of a whiffle ball bat so that it could be used as a peg that slide into the part you wanted the piece to go. The eyes were simply made out of cardboard, duct tape, an LED push on light and plastic bowl from the dollar store. The nose was constructed out of plaster Paris/ paper mache then painted orange.

Mouth out of a plastic red bag and mustache a faux fur fabric from the fabric store that was super glued onto cardboard. All of the pieces were then inserted with the end of a whiffle ball bat with duct tape, so they could be treated like a giant peg.

The shoes were made out of foam, blue shower curtain from the dollar store and cardboard. The ears were also made from cardboard as well with pink cheap fabric pinned along. The hat was made out of cardboard, with black felt draped around the layered hat.

Sound complex, but quite simple just took a lot of time to make. If you have questions post here and I’ll try my best to answer.

Homemade Giant Mr. Potato Head Costume

Homemade Giant Mr. Potato Head Costume

Homemade Giant Mr. Potato Head Costume

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